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Mangaka Tsushiko knocks it out of the park again! Art is always beautiful (like seriously, some of the best I've seen) and the story's often have a simple premise, but they keep it interesting with small twists to keep you on your toes. This manga is no different! The synopsis does an excellent job of describing the story, so if it sounds remotely interesting, pick it up! I also suggest checking out their other works. I've yet to be disappointed.
I really enjoyed this story, and the art was beautiful! There are a couple of colored pages included throughout the series. I haven't read much of the author's other works, so I can't really compare with what else is out there. However, what I really like about this series is the rivalry and the physical aspect where there is physical tension that builds into something more. It's not necessarily physical in a way that is being malicious and for the *most* part it is consensual. The summary is spot on to get the gist of the plot, the pacing is nice, and the story flows well. It's a good read!
So this is a manga where the MC is Isekaied into a video game which set in a fantasy world with Demon Kings and the like. MC isn't quite right in the head, but I think that really helps the story get on, as the pacing does seem to go a bit fast. The art is nice. However, what actually drew me to this was the short anime adaptation (they're like 3 mins each episode). I think there is only one volume so far, but the story has a lot of potential, especially if we get to see Eve as he transforms into all his glory. Looking forward to what comes next!