The Impregnable Tiger's Den Knockout

A Japanese Brazilian top X shy Japanese bottom
Leo and Kuro grew up together. After deciding to follow the same path as adults, they ended up becoming M.M.A. rivals in the ring. Kuro, who just can't get a win against Leo inside or outside the ring, has to do whatever Leo asks as punishment... which usually leads to the bedroom. Nevertheless, Kuro is still too stubborn to accept Leo's love. His body, however, has no problem taking it!
It's Mikumo's latest hot and steamy story: a battle between two M.M.A. fighters that always leads to one being K.O.ed in bed!

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[Total ch. 9](Current ch. 3)New Release: Oct 28, 2021 (JST)

The Impregnable Tiger's Den Knockout (1)

Leo and Kuro have been friends forever. While they used to play a game where the loser always did what the winner wanted, it soon evolved into something bigger...[28pages]
Pages: 28
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The Impregnable Tiger's Den Knockout (2)

Leo continues to make Kuro proud until a certain phone call interrupts their private sparring session.[25pages]
Pages: 25
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The Impregnable Tiger's Den Knockout (3) NEW

After seeing Leo on TV, Kuro is overcome with his fighting spirit and decides to challenge Leo to a match. However, Kuro soon learns that the rear-naked choke may be more literal than he bargained for.[23pages]
Pages: 23
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author : Yuzuru Mikumo publisher : B-comi Teppeki Kotetsu Knock Out

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