Uglycreature's Reviews & Ratings

I would like to start by saying this is absolutely amazing you did a great job making this. I read some others reviews and wanted to put this here to tell you, you are amazing and you're a great creator so no matter what everyone else says look at your work and smile knowing that you created this masterpiece keep creating what you want to and not what others want you to do, n know that though I'm nobody I appreciate you c:
I loved absolutely every bit of it. It was really funny, really cute. and it has a great happy ending which I'm usually afraid won't end well because of anxiety but I loved this so much, the writer did so amazing thank you so much. and keep up your work because it's wonderful c:
I really like it c: it has a great story and amazing images, it's really funny and I really really like it. (I'm sorry if this is too short, I'm not good at describing things or getting out what i'm trying to say or expressing my feelings so I hope this will do I'm sorry if it doesn't)Also I don't want to be a bother but how do I purchase the next one?(if there is another) sorry The add to cart or any other option isn't there for me just the buy points option if someone could help me I would be very appreciative thank you c:
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