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Sweet, funny, 100% consensual. I hope we get a spin-off with Shuu, Rio and Ito!
The sweetest, cutest, fluffiest love story EVER. The main couple are so perfect for each other... I want what they have!!!
This story is surprisingly sweet and wholesome oh my god, I love how Kei and Mr. Saeki love each other and support one another unconditionally~
Man, I really wish the whole manga just focused on the first couple because they're SO FREAKING CUTE... I really didn't care for the second and third couples to be honest. :') But I loved the first story so much that I have to give this manga five stars.
I LOVE THE UKE SO MUCH OH MY GOD, he's so ridiculously funny, honest and straightforward??? And the seme is an absolute sweetheart of course... 11/10 would recommend
This is probs one of the funniest BL manga I've ever read... the premise is absolutely ridiculous but that's why the story is so entertaining! I love it so far :)
The first story was cute but the second story was EVEN CUTER!!! I love younger semes x older ukes, and I especially like how sweet, thoughtful and hard-working the seme in the second story is.
Great art, story and characters! I love how the uke starts off completely indifferent to the seme, but then slowly starts to fall in love with him later on hehe.
I honestly wish the story didn't move so fast because I love this couple so much and I want to see their relationship get developed a bit more? Nevertheless, it's definitely worth the read! Super cute and funny~
I love this so much!!! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story is really sweet and touching. 11/10 would recommend.
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