Lovingly Cruel Services

author :

Kaoru Watanabe


Does he want to be on the receiving end?

Subaru is a rock group vocalist the girls adore for his standoffish ways.
Everyone believes he's domineering in his personal life, too. But, in reality he's actually a die-hard masochist...
Subaru's given up on being true to his nature,
but a bartender he meets after a live performance sees right through him...

The musician's life is about to turn into days of lessons in love.
Will Subaru finally discover genuine pleasure?


Yaoi_MangaSadistic_BoyfriendLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Kaoru Watanabe

publisher :

Brite Publishing

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Japanese :

Koisuru Sadistic Service

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Lovingly Cruel Services (1)

Pages: 31

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Pages: 29

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