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The art is beautiful! And the story looks like it may have potential. Hopefully chapter two comes soon.
Well written, good storyline. I liked the way the characters take a while to get together but the sexy moments before that are still incredibly hot.
So hot and so sweet! I like how they balance the sexy dom vs sub elements with the reasoning behind it and the dom character isn't judgemental towards his sub.
Lovely story. The humour from Arashi being an unintentional antagonist was great.
A great, simple love story which takes its time building up. These two characters are so loveable and the polite sex was refreshing and adorable!
Did not have high expectations for this one but after reading to the end its become one of my favourites, and along with "More Than Just the Physical" Iroha Usui is now one of my favourite mangaka. So impressed with writing that can make a character like Ryohei likeable by the end. Also, the phone sex interaction was one of the hottest sex scenes I've seen.
The characters and story feel original, even though the one-night-stand-that-turns-into-more premise has been done many times before. I believe its the tendency to focus on small, tender moments and the subdued pacing which makes it feel fresh. Would love to read more about these two.
Oh my goodness, so good! So many of these stories are enjoyable but you have a pretty good idea where they are heading, but with this one I wasn't expecting the plot to go the way it did. I need chapter 5 soon to find out what happens next!!
Beautiful story. I'm glad it was told over 10 chapters so there was room to create the quieter moments and to give depth to the characters. Also, really liked finding an author who approached everything including the sex in a realistic way. Hope the sequel is just as good.
The characters were so likable I was hoping the story was going to pan out into a sequel!
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