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This story could easily have been longer, the last chapter in particular felt a bit rushed, but overall great story that focused on two characters getting to know each other. Loved both the characters but especially Sakuraba. Nice to see a feminine seme for a change.
From the first two chapters this is looking promising. Enjoying the build up and that the story isn't being rushed. Hopefully the next chapters arrive soon.
Such a good story! Cute fluffy moments, loveable characters, good dialogue and pacing and a great sex scene. 150 pages went by so quickly, I wish there was a sequel to this so we could spend more time with this adorable family.
So good! Simple, cliched story but the three main characters had enough substance to make them likeable. Well drawn too and very hot!
Twittering birds is my favourite manga and the reason I got into BL. I love the subtly that Kou Yoneda uses to develop characters and build tension. She find's the right balance between showing the love story and yakuza storylines. Can't wait for the next installments!!
It's great that the sex was portraited in an realistic manner as well as still being hot and steamy. Well rounded story with a good ending.
I love Kou Yoneda's comment at the end about no traumatic events or major plot twists required. It's the subtly and authentic dialogue that leads to this rewarding love story between two unique, believable characters. Appreciated the the way Shima and Togawa get integrated back in as well.
Hot sexy times but also great story telling that you keeps you hooked. Humour was great too, I love a uke that can stand up for themselves.
Beautiful story. It felt like there were some hiccups with the translations, possibly some places were done too literally so the meaning was lost. But even with that, the layers to these characters and depth to their personalities was completely visible. The author had such a knack for conveying Shima's awkwardness and Togawa ability to respond with kindness in his genuine uncontrived way. The build up of those moments leads to the power behind Shima recognising and owning his flaws. Great storytelling.
A well written story, with depth between two flawed but beautiful characters. Love the honest dialogue between them and thankful to the author for allowing them the space and intelligence to evolve. It can be frustrating reading stories where characters are only given a passive role as they repeatedly endure tragic events. But here, even though Momo has been shaped by his past none of those darker elements felt contrived, and the author gives him an active role in shaping his life. Looking forward to reading the next two installments.