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I always love men in sexy lingerie! Although Masa's caught in an ugly situation, I hope, from here there on, he would be able to let these sexy lingeries be only seen by Shu and no one else. Waiting for more chapters to come!
This is so adorable! I love it. TW of non con chapter but everything was still good to read!
This is so cute! The story went unexpectedly well and lovely! The bonus pages were adorable! Shin is totally a free-spirited man. It's so lucky that Mustia's country met a man like him. Was expecting lots of relationship complications but it was a good story in the end. I love how Shin just randomly appeared and created a miracle for their country. And how this main lead became like an extra. Honestly, I don't know who the main lead was as the story progressed but it was still a good read! I loved it!
When I thought when I was reading this was funny and all fluffy but ev erything turned out dark and sad. But happy to see that the couple is doing good in the end! Art is good! I liked it!
I can't wait for Renta to have the 2nd volume for this one! I love action series and the bl is a cherry on top! The art is incredibly good too! Will be looking forward to more of Yodogawa sensei's work,
Another great work from Hidaka Shoko sensei! Totally in love with the way she delivers her works to the readers. It is not only abt the plot, but it always draws my emotions out. The angst in her stories are really good! I enjoy feeling hurt for her characters and the way their hurt redeems to happiness. I really really enjoyed reading this. Especially the FIRST LOVE theme, the story-telling was really good, unhurried and progressive. I like it. With just a few pages into this manga, I am already attached to her characters. I hope to see more of her works here!
This is so cute! A couple who wanted to be like each other, Taishi who wants to be Haru and vice versa. Art is definitely beautiful and the storylines is adorable!
Totally enjoyed these 3 collection of stories! Might have *SPOILERS* ahead.The first story was abt a relationship between an older top who is a writer and a younger bottom, whom he met in a cafe, and has been taking care of him as per requested by the writer's manager. Cute relationship development with age-related insecurities, and of course jealousy matters.Next pair is connected with the first couple which is the manager and his pair. THIS COUPLE IS TOTALLY INTRIGUING AND ENTERTAINING (they are the couple in the cover).And lastly, a high school themed plot. A completely different pair. Where a crossdresser bottom and a popular top high school students met and used the opportunity to express themselves. Comedic love story.All in all, I loved the three couples in this manga and I enjoyed this one very much! You'll definitely enjoy it too!
Arata Licca sensei's art is always superb! I LOVE BOTH OF HER WORKS! I hope to see more of her soon works soon! This manga is so sexy! I want a sequel of Eito x Leo, and a spin-off of Natsume's case! Her characters are interesting!
Art and storyline = pure bliss! The story was so soft and heart thumping! It's cute and unhurried for a single volume which was great! I liked this so much!