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This story is a rare gem. Koga is an excellent character. He's emotionally mature and secure in himself. He knows what he wants and won't be persuaded by Okiya's lighthearted flirtation. Okiya also shows good development by the end of the story. The aura thing was a bit gimmicky and I think the same story could have been told without it, but it would have taken way more pages. I get it's used to move the plot forward and initiate character change. For five chapters, it works.
A simple premise that was well executed with likeable characters. The age gap and the fact that the younger character is still in high school is handled maturely. The art is incredible too. If you like this I really recommend "A Fool's Mountain Night", it's one of my favorites.
I liked the premise and the last few chapters were a lot better than the first 2. I did not like the relationship between the characters in the first 2 chapters. There were so many possible scenarios that could have led them to have sex in the first chapter but instead the seme is so pushy it's very dubcon. Thankfully the story evolves beyond that but it didn't need this tired trope to get started.
This is more smut than plot and sacrifices are made in character development, particularly with Yuma. But the story is primarily from Ryohei's point of view and the author did well enough with "showing" that Yuma doesn't feel like a complete shell of a person. The art is amazing and after reading a LOT of this genre, this is probably some of the best smut I've seen. Completely worth it despite its flaws and I've read it 5+ times. It would be an absolute 5 out of 5 if the author had the chance to tell this story in two volumes instead of one.
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