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Oh my gosh I loved this. Everything about it was sweet and the characters so likable. The male lead gets as much time as the female - seeing his thoughts and actions were what made the story. And our female lead was very sweet, confident, and didn't take any garbage she was handed. I really wish there were more to this story, I want to know where their life heads and the obstacles they overcome. That's how invested I got into the characters.
So sexy and a good story. It's short and sweet without being rushed at all. The characters were good, and the storyline worked really well. The art was also very nice. I only wish there were more - I read this more than once because I like it so much. Can someone find me a Sandman?
It's not the worst. The smut is the only thing I can barely like in it. I'm really confused about the storyline because it just smashed through bringing in random plot points. The main female is so weak and it's hard to conceive how she ended up working in law enforcement. The male lead just randomly out of nowhere changes his anger for everything and falls in love. Definitely not the writer's best work.
This has a great storyline, nice art, and good pacing. The main characters are really fun and there is character growth. This one uses miscommunications minimally and when they do it's not grating or overused like a lot of stories. Also, if you're like me thinking, “why are they so expensive!?” It's because each volume is two chapters. So the price is standard to others.
I really liked the storyline and the characters. The slow build was great. As mentioned it seemed like it ended up rushed without all the loose ends taken care of though.
I really want to read more. The storyline is pretty unique and the FL isn't a pushover.
I absolutely adored this. It was so cute and as a tall girl (5'10) extremely relatable. I've always wanted to be cute but being tall always felt like it got in the way. The characters and their emotions are really nicely done, they're well rounded and had no cringe factor as they developed. Such a nice read.
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