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So, it's a trainwreck... but an entertaining one. I was considering making a drinking game of taking a shot every time the story added another problematic message or value to the story, but I realized I would die of alcohol poisoning. It's great if you want to experience a shamelessly smutty fever dream, though. Just don't take any of your morals from this, or consider this an example of good writing by any metric.To be honest, though, I don't think this story was trying to be anything more than contrived sexual fantasy wish-fulfillment smut. As such, I rate it 5 stars. It was endlessly entertaining, albeit in an extremely shallow way - like looking at a compilation of the craziest, most unhinged individuals on social media and their bizarre shades of problematic takes. Alternatively, one could also take joy from this if they wanted a quick fix of dub-or-non-con. I know that I, too, have enjoyed fantasizing about things that would not be fun if they happened to me in real life.
Subjectively, I give this 5 stars. The characters are hot, the dynamic is adorable, and it felt satisfying to witness them finally get together. Objectively, it needs work. The characters, while well-written and expressive, are sadly limited by the fact that they are defined only in relation to each other - a problem the whole story suffers from. Beyond what is relevant to the romance, the characters and world... simply don't exist. While this allows for 5 relatively short volumes to depict a satisfying romance, it is also the manga's fatal flaw, as it begins and ends in my memory with the gay angst. I don't know why Keita fought a lot in high school, or why he would cry in secret. I don't know really anything about these characters beyond how they influence the two leads' feelings for each other, and a 3-dimensional and relatable, but ultimately limited glimpse of their personalities. As such, the story becomes very forgettable in the long run. It's a good romance... and nothing else.
While I do feel it was a bit hard to follow at times (mediocre translation in places, often hard to tell who is talking when, et cetera,) the writing and art is excellent. The characters are three-dimensional, compelling, and I genuinely care about them. The relationship dynamic between the two leads is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming, the plot is excellent, and above all I am happy because this story does not condone any of the toxic behaviors or worldviews that other manga on this site often romanticize. The epilogues were a nice touch, too. Furthermore, it's great value - the entire story, beginning to end, is only 4 Dollars Canadian or so. I think it's an excellent story written with integrity.
Okay, this took a surprising twist for the wholesome at the end.
Non-con and age gap. Fix these two things and it'll make a decent manga, but as it is... it's just not okay.
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