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A really heartwarming story as two people were trying to understand their feelings and their actions in life. Although food was probably not the main theme but it made the story relevant and easy to reflect. A condiment can be changed to soice up ones' life but the original taste and recipe will always be the same.
It's a rare story. If normally you would find disagreement, fights and hatred for life kind of event in a story where male lead's love interest married his sister. Not only that, his love interest being clueless & ignorant to the point of making the male lead stress out would sometime end up with tragedy. However, this story is far from that. It shows how all the people in the story got confuse at first but then slowly supporting the male lead and the story showed how understanding between family unfold and how new love starts to bloom once the main character accept his feelings and reality. The plot of the story is quite sweet yet some of the plots were not being explain directly. It got a nice ending and the author probably want to add and extra pages, somewhere near the future with the sister's kids being born.
A really nostalgic story since I used to have cat that understand me well. The story used children as the one talking with the cat, as the one believes that cat coud talk and as the one who have a dreamlike fairy-tale wish in their hearts. Thus, it made the story very valuable, and remind one of their childhood experience, probably talking & trying to understand a cat and even wish the cat could talk. If you like a story with values & family like setting, a cute cat & a tea made by cat, you probably want to try and read this book.
A sweet story indeed. A short one, but really conveys both of the characters' feelings. Moreover, a clean freak really suite the clumsy type couple.
The story is good. Love between two different world is facinating. I always like dark yet handsome partner of the protagonist. They have the evil aura and at the same time they love and care. However, there are a lot of unfinished plot. Hopefully there are a continuation of this book.
The story is simple. It has a great start but going too fast toward the end. I would love to see a little bit more monologue on Atsushi side and some blushing as he figure out his action and relation with Tsukasa.
A very simple and nice love story that starts from a simple admiration on work of art. Then, the story follows by the meeting of the two extra ordinary characters. Finally, the characters dealed with their mix feelings & the most difficult challenge is their gender. Nonetheless, I also love how the seme make the uke reflect and make up his mind on his feeling. For me not everybody is strong enough to convey what they thought let alone their feeling. Thus, by making one rethink or push them a bit through "silent" treatment. It's like gamble of with feeling and readers will be surprise with the next action by uke and seme. Finally, as always, once the main characters decided to take one step forward, after exchange feelings, another challenges would follow. I believe those obstacles will strengthen their relationship and will guide us to happy ending.
A short comic but it gave surprising effect. Simple plot with little focus on hatred and negative emotion :)
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