Shirahime's Reviews & Ratings

Very interesting story and beautiful artwork. So excited to see how they fall in love! FL is strong and kind hearted! I love heroines like these!
My goodness! This is so GOOOOOD!!! The scenes are so steamy, art is beautiful and I love the characters! Its so cute too! >////<
Lovely artwork! Story is nice and cute. FL has lots of insecurities and low self esteem. ML is sweet and kind, giving her the confidence boost she needs. Very very sweet. ???
Hmmmm... not that good of a read. Art is great, but storyline is bad. Characters had no chemistry, felt forced. Dialog was strange. Lots of noncon. The guy has 2 personalities (imma leave it at that cuz spoilers), but I preferred the other one. Just couldn't help but feel bad for him.
Uwaaah!!! The guys are so hot!!!! >////< Its drawn so beautifully! Halfway through reading each story I noticed I was holding my breathe! LOL! Each story is very sweet and cute. One of my favorites and I highly recommend! Need more from this author!
There aren't any reviews about this manga and that's really such a shame! It's a really sweet story! The 0///0 scenes are not as steamy as others, but gets better as the story progresses to the final chapters. The characters are likable and even though they have their own insecurities they face, they stay strong. Its nice to see the story of the other couple as well. The ending is perfect too, unlike other Mangas that feels unfinished or dropped.
Uwaaah!!! I'm not into furries or animal relations but this is so kyaaaa~! O///O It's so much better than I thought. I'm so glad to finally decide to read this! 100% recommend!
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