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Ms. The cops are on their way! Anyways, I loved the first chapter already. Why can't we get 2 updates weekly? Gosh I'm so impatient.
“I hate the countryside”, leaving behind a 7 years love, stumbling on a handsome guy's table but he is a married man sleeping with his mistress. How will their romance bloom? I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
OH MY GOSHHHH, words cannot expressed how beautiful of a Story this harlequin is. In remembrance of her
What a beautiful storyline. From getting beaten up by her ex-husband to carrying the child/ren of the man she loves, Angelina deserves this and more. I'm happy I came across this amazing harlequin.
I was in absolute awe through and through, a romance bloomed from being a secretary to the wife of her boss, the prince, now the princess of Kyr. I loved both novels, if you happen to stumble upon this, you should totally check out Carrying the Sheilk's Heir, its the first then come this. Both are absolutely amazing. Oh how I fell in love with the plot over and over again.
In LOVE with the plot so far. Please don't make the ending twisted, my heartu can't take. I hope Ritsu would crack our heroine shell :)
Friends with benefits are not so bad afterall. Our main heroine found her destined partner after getting dumped by her boyfriend with tears in her eyes, waltzing down the street found the love of her life. This manga unexpectedly earned my love and support. I didn't know that stories like these could make me succumb with bliss... I've brought it, this hearthrob story should also be in your collection!
He doesn't think of her as his lover, just as sex-buddy. Little did he knows, he was showned with love by Mirai, Kichii little by little treasures her. But when his childhood friend came by, it took an unexpected turn, when Kichii found out he found out how much Mirai means to him when she leaves. Suspenseful of a story, but brings joy and happiness at the end. It was a wonderful journey.
Kirby, as Bob the comet passes, what are you going to ask for? "True Love!", "I want to have a family with the man I love from the bottom of my heart." Who would have thought her wish would come true... Interesting plot, and lovely characters. It was worthwhile spending 6 tickets for it. Thank you for such an amazing story!
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