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My favourite manga on the site! An adaptation of a light novel, taking the isekai trope with a powerful female personality. It's great to see a female heroine taking the bull by the horns without flinching. Mizuki is a wonderfu character that is only concerned with moving forward and considers the consequences of her actions which distances her from many Shoujo heroines. HIghly recommended!
I was dubious when I looked at the preview and it seemed like another poorly written excuse for smut but I was happily proven wrong!!What seemed to be starting as a dubious PWP turned into a delightful little romance. With an unconventional hero and heroine; the characters are entertaining and intereseting, the plot silly and the smut exciting. ;)I've gotten attached to our main duo and I'll be sorry to see this series end but am looking forward to seeing how things will be wrapped up. Points well spent on this series!
An interesting story with attractive art. Our heroine begins dating her childhood friend but remains confused about her feelings. Before she can resolve them he is killed in a traffic accident leaving her numb. His brother offers to act as a substitute in his place. This is a story about two people meandering through grief and guilt. Despite the overly melodramatic title and cover it's a nice little tragic tale.
Blessed or cursed with ambiguous psychic powers a small class struggles to cope with their powers and trauma in the wake of their friends violent death. Touko is afflicted with shojo-heroine sickness (Which tropes has decreed to be frailty and a bum ticker) while her friends are mute and confined to a wheelchair. But this is just the set-up for a sci-fi style conspiracy story.While the cover is not the best the art is decent, if old-fashioned, shojo style. Okano knows what she is doing and uses the space to good effect packing in a lot into the available space.Nothing here is particularly innovative but Okano provides a solid piece of shoujo mystery. It's somewhat nostalgic in tone for older fans of the genre.
Psychic detective owing more than a little to Sherlock Holmes. (This includes some mild homoerotic subtext. YMMV)Andrew Drake receives psychic visions of events from the recent past but only if he has a connection, however terse, to the subject of the vision. Using this he works as a private detective along with his straight-man roommate Seth and a token mascot for exposition. The art is decent and the setup solid enough but it's yet to be seen if the writing can lift this series into something great.
The art is good and the layout clean. The chapter I read seemed a bit short to be honest but it does keep the focus on the three cover characters. I'm not quite sold on this series at this time but it is pretty much what was is described in the synopsis. There's nothing surprising in store here.
The art is pretty and easy to read. It's well laid out and easy to follow.The premise is a bit silly (but hey, it's manga) and the plot simple but I feel that works in its favour really.It's straightforward and goes straight into the meat of the relationship without doddering around. I enjoyed it myself and think it's worth a shot.
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