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Fluffy, not really smut or explicit. Cute couples
I like bl with kids as they are cute and add some innocence. This story wasn't that great, the uke is rather forced into a relationship rather heavy handily. Sure he suffers from self esteem issues but the seme never really says anything to reassure him till later after forcing him into a relationship.
Weird and confusing story, I really had no idea what's going on. It's was bad.
Nice unusual take on omegaverse lore.I like that the alpha wants to bottom but thinking how omegaverse works, it might be better to make them reversible?I like how the alpha wasn't too proud to ask to be f*** lol
I rented but had to upgrade. The way the story was going, I thought .... but thank god it don't go the bad end route.I like the characters a lot and the conflicts were surprisingly realistic.
Interesting story, totally different from what I expected.Great smut scenes and interesting characters,I do wish story wasn't all over place, it was odd like author didn't know if it's a comedy or drama.Recommend renting it first before upgrade
Simple and cute, the omegaverse story had interesting story but was too rushed and I felt it was missing a chapter but I did like the characters.
Interesting BL with more plot than smut. FYI it feels like the story is going to continue. I like the way the characters were written as they were not 2 dimensional like a lot of BL.
Now this is what omegaverse is about! A lot of smut between childhood friends who are more?... not much plot but hoping to see where the story is going.
Been waiting for this Ikuyasu book because it has cat men! For people who love cats and hot muscular men. It's a very cute book featuring stories about 2 couples in a group of cats. I love how fun and cute the drawing are when the men are drawn in their cat form.
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