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the reason i give it a 2 is because the story line is quite plain. And the way they make the characters do things is rather too fast
very good reasoning and story line, it's abit forward but it really hits home.... this manga is a good read because you get to see a non typical relationship
very good story, its different from the normal but they way they made it really does get you excited
Very good story, you have one woman in a big love triangle i sooo hopes she picks the right one.
very straight forward and too the point, it's ok to read but not great
Hmmmm to like your boyfriend or your boyfriends father who you think is awesome because he writes your favorite books..............This is a hot and steamy manga I so can't wait for the next part to come out
This story not only has the general love but it has so much more, it's the way they first meet its funny he gets jealous so fast but it's so good and so much more detailed then that, you find out that even thought they come from different backgrounds and have so much hardship to over come that the passion for each other is stronger, It's such a good read
This is such an awesome story she ends up with the guy to help the family out and then....... she finds out how much she loves him and he finds out he can't live without her and he saves the dog too boot. I must say this is a very well done manga and an awesome read for anyone, I bet you will laugh as much as I did.
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