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Seemed a bit rushed, but it was an excellent story overall. Although, I did while for few events in the 2nd chapter to be played out in full detail.
This story was amazing and really attention grabbing; I liked the overall development I hopped for a few pages at the end of chapter 5. But that's just me.
Artwork is great and the story is cute, just seemed a bit rushed...but I hope theirs atleast two more volumes for these characters.
I loved the story and character developments between Dom and Ginny. Not to mention the moments with their parents, which showed how the author didn't forget about the supporting characters within the story. Plus Alex is funny throughout.
It was a very light, edgey, and sweet manga to read, that I am sad it had to end so quickly. It did feel a bit rushed by the author, but the characters personalires were simply amazing . I enjoyed this manga and will continue to re-read it for the long run! So sit back enjoy and take a look at the lives through these SP Agents!!
I really like the story line going oj between Chisa and Rei because it's fun and light with some spice and love (preferably) to it!
It was a story of misunderstanding and love for Andi and Jake. A great light-heartened stoty that will surely pick up your mood!!
I definitely recommend reading this manga because it just a nice and reeling story without having to over complicate the main plot!
If you've ever read "Midnight Secretary" then I strongly suggest reading this Light heartened, yet heart-tugging Vampire-Forbidden love story that will sure too keep on you toes and have you falling in love with this amazing story between the two main characters and their coven of interesting friends/supporters.
Unexpected stroy-line I was a bit confused at the beginning, but as i progressed it was clear to see the relationship that Hurana and her brothers had was really special in each aspect, and i enjoyed the art work.
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