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Art is pretty good, but I keep getting confused between the two alphas, thinking they were twins lol. The story is of the typical "let's hold hands together & attain world peace". It's rather cheesy, centering on friendship & self-sacrifice. I'm not fond of stories like this. I want my money & time back lol.
***Contains: sexy scenes but not too graphic*** The story is simple & builds up steadily. There's no faffing, just a straightforward development of the story. The relationship between Ohshiro and Koba is bittersweet but still pretty good. I feel the manga is quite short though. The climax kinda surprised me as I got quite comfortable with the story's pace. I wish there was a bit more to Ohshiro & Satoru's story but nonetheless, it's a very good read. If you're into bittersweet romance with a gentle, almost fluffy feel to it with a slow & steady pacing, and overall a relaxing read, give this manga a go.
***Contains: A lot of fluff, with some smexy scenes. :3 *** The art is quite good - great at presenting our couple: a cute but active guy, and a tall aloof top. Progression between the two happens quite fast but it's still enjoyable if you don't mind fluff with a hint of something more. There are *certain scenes* that aren't as graphic as I'd like them to be but it fits quite well with the title, overall.
I've read this ages ago but I'm glad to finally be able to buy it. I love stories like these about people who just want to love and be loved in return. There's a bit of pain and heartache as the characters struggle with their unrequited loves, but... Just read on, I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I have.
***Contains: 1st story - consensual anal sex, noncon anal sex, beautiful smut. 2nd story - nipple play, beautiful smut, tentacles (kinda).*** FIRST STORY: The first story is the one described in the synopsis. It's serious, but not so much so it's brooding. The plot is pretty straightforward - predictable but nothing complex or distracting. The sex is beautifully drawn, and there's a generous amount of it. SECOND STORY: This one's silly, to be honest. It involves an alien studying the BL genre of manga and anime, and the childhood friends who are dragged into this extraterrestrial "research". There's not much plot to it although you can say it's lighthearted. If you can't enjoy how it contrasts the first story, you can at least take solace in some childhood-friends-turned-lovers smut.
Contains: a little bit of gay sex, and a bit of mutual masturbation. The story runs rather smoothly, easy to follow, and the art is quite good. Inconsequential side characters aren't involved too in the love story so there's minimal distraction from them. Overall, I think it's a great title. I definitely recommend it. And as mentioned, it's not all fluff, there is some naughty bits for readers to enjoy.
**Contains smut. This wasn't a good omegaverse title, in my opinion. The main protagonists have barely any proper introduction/brief backstory. It's like they accidentally fell into this story. The progression is a bit spotty, in the sense that scenes don't transition well so it can be confusing while reading this. All that confusion definitely dampens the reaction for the sex scenes which also feel rushed and bland. The 2 chapters probably would've been better off cut into a oneshot.
***Contains: a very lewd uke; a reversi blonde; a sadistic black-haired, model-student type top; orgy; fellatio; mob/gangbang; double anal.***Come for the nips, stay for the DP. There's not much story here at all. In fact, I like how the author just gave a brief introduction of the main characters without it getting in the way of what happens in the rest of, so far, chapter 1.I also like the art. The shading is somewhat rare to find in smutty titles nowadays, so I definitely appreciate the artist putting in that extra bit of work for gorgeous visuals. Only downside is the typical censorship. Genitals are one thing, but even assholes are just white clouds.
A strong, powerful, conceited demon reduced to a pathetic, dying patient makes for a great buff uke. If you like a young seme ride a beefcake multiple times, with some prostate massage and urethra insertion as well, then this is for you. Art is quite good. The story is simple and doesn't really draw away from the main focus of the title - all the smut.
Art looks pretty good and consistent. If you're into a younger seme and a tsundere older uke, this could be for you. There's some coercion to the initial sexual encounter between the leads (which is a nice way of calling it dubcon). If you're fine with that since they end up doing the deed anyway, then you may read on.
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