Straight Boy Turned Gay Boy Toy

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"Ahh...! Not there... It feels weird!" "Ahhh...!! Mmm!" ...Kazuma Arimura just transferred to a school, not knowing that everyone there is gay. Being straight, he doesn't really fit in, and he's stuck there for two weeks until his next transfer is approved... At least the class rep, Toichiro, and his childhood friend, Tsubaki, are nice enough to invite Kazuma to participate in their booth at the school fair. Kazuma's stoked, considering he'd never had a chance to make friends before... Once he gets past the initial shock, getting intimate with the two boys proves quite educational... Wait! Now, they're rubbing a really sensitive spot... If they keep this up, he might just lose his mind!!!


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Nonke Dakedo Gay ni Semararetara Bitch ni Narazaru wo Enakatta

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Straight Boy Turned Gay Boy Toy

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