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The manga is pretty casual about the fact the characters have been fooling around since elementary school. If that bugs you, you should pass. Otherwise, this is another outrageously fun manga from Tsurusawa, with unique characters and great sex scenes. I normally hate stories that focus on fetishes; they tend to have a formula where the person with the fetish is pushy and the other is uncomfortable. But Leo's fetish is just one aspect of their relationship, which is built on how comfortable and generally compatible they are with each other. Leo's possessive, but unlike most yaoi where that would be an excuse for him to isolate/"punish" Shion, he actually encourages him to be more expressive and make friends. Jealousy comes up and is dealt with way more healthily than your average yaoi. (Shion's also more of a power-bottom than he lets on.) Recommended if you want BL where the leads are happily, shamelessly head over heels for each other, without foregoing the wonderful smut.
This was cute, if not very deep. It's 90% sex, but we do get to find out a little about their hobbies and interests through the club. The seme's also refreshingly cute and expressive, to the point it was sad they weren't reversible (although the mangaka teases us with the idea a few times.) The sex is also more consensual than your average yaoi, which makes this a good pick if you need something light and happy that still goes all in with the smut.
The art is great and the sex scenes are good, but that's all this is. There's no conflict outside of the men's relationships, and whatever conflict there *is* is predictable and solved easily. Maybe good for a rental if you like the art and want some junk food.
A light, fun read. The romances are sweet and down-to-earth, the sex is consensual, and the art is cute and sketchy. A good choice if you're craving fluff that still has a decent amount of sex scenes.
In terms of plot this is kind of a mess, but it's just so much *fun.* The artist's great at visual comedy.I was giggling throughout the book. Note for the sensitive that there's some casual sexual assault between the main couples, but if you read yaoi you're probably used to that already. I had a great time reading this one.
Hmm. I love me an uke with commitment issues, but I had more trouble getting into this than I thought. I'm not sure if it was the translation or the actual writing (I'm thinking a bit of both), but the plot was a bit hard to follow, to the point I wasn't actually sure how the characters felt about each other in the end.
Lots of good stuff in here! Two characters who clearly identify as gay, a fun, bantering dynamic between the leads, and some pretty darn hot sex scenes. The sexual elements are also refreshingly blunt without being crass. For instance, one of the main characters is shamelessly into plus-size people, but while his openness about it is treated as something funny, his actual attraction to them never is. It was really nice to see. Sometimes it felt like the translators were a bit too gung-ho with all the sayings and slang (which I'm pretty sure I've complained about on Renta before), but the story was still lively and easy to follow. My biggest complaint is that ending felt like it came a bit too soon
There was one story I really liked about a sinfully adorable ex-gangster who finally finds a place where he feels comfortable and loved. The characters were developed perfectly for a two-shot, and I'm glad it was included. I also found "Carrot and Dick," a quick oneshot about a spoiled subordinate teaching his boss that sex can be rewarding, pretty cute. But as that title might suggest, the translator sometimes went overboard (e.g. Punny titles, and a guy saying "Get ciggy with it!" about a smoke break.) And other than those two stories, I thought the rest were mediocre PWP, albeit PWP with unusually muscular ukes. Most of the stories don't bother trying to be logical. A guy agreeing to have sex because he likes spy movies? Sure! Even in Carrot and Dick, the boss just accepts being
Cute, but light. There isn't a heck of a lot of character development or plot. That said, there are plenty of things I liked, such as Yoshitaka's cute younger sister (who's incredibly accepting of her brother's presumed gayness) and the way Kaede takes charge in bed. It's always nice to see a shamelessly sexual uke.These kinds of stories also tend to make the person who moves in such a mooch that you can't understand why the other character puts up with them, but that isn't the case here, which is refreshing. Kaede's pushy, but he still cooks, cleans, and is generally pretty great for Yoshitaka. Recommended if you don't mind a directionless plot so long as it has lots of sex and minimal drama.
Yatamomo's the story of two imperfect guys who just so happen to be perfectly compatible, one of my favourite tropes. The characters don't fit neatly into the archetypes you expect. Momo especially is a delight: foul-mouthed, irresponsible, and yet so used to being treated badly that you can't help but want the best for him. Momo shows a great combination of emotional immaturity and jadedness, while Yata, the "nice guy", comes with a few temperamental problems of his own. The translation is mostly quite good. Every single one of Harada's sound effects has been translated, which is no mean feat. There was a small error in the second chapter, where Yata says "Let me loosen myself up first." It makes no sense in context unless you realize it should be, "Then *you* loosen yourself up." (You can imagine what kind of scene is playing out.) Still, in general I thought the localization was well done. Note: the preview skips ahead in the story, there's actually quite a bit of material leading up to that point. So if you were worried certain chapters had been cut, don't be. There are even extras!
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