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This story just ended like that. I was soo confused and shocked. The author didnt end the story well.! Read it on your on risk
The storyline seemed interesting in the beginning, however the husband leaves his bride for three years comes back only after his father dies.The wife waits for her husband patiently, and he simply returns to her without divorcing and explaining why he has disappeared for a a few years. What rational women accepts that!! Is she crazy! He had affairs and she simply doesnt say anything!!! Omg!! The story is not well thought out and the wife is soooo weak without any backbone!!! If u wnt to waste your time reading this story please go ahead
Great art, great characters development, and great love!!! I really love this storyline!! It is a beautiful childhood love that come true, the female lead becomes pregnant from a one night stand doesnt tell her single parent (father) moves to london to raise the child. Her love lives in london however was in a relationship. Then here the story starts!! The character development has a great flow and the art is beautiful!! If u want a heartfelt story and a little teargerking, i highly highly recommend this one
Beautiful, just a beautiful story!!! It made me tear abit!!! OMG how can parents use their children as if they are toys!!! Good for her taylor fought for herself and her brother sake!!! Jackson and taylor what a wondeful couple they made!! Lance the brother felt like noone wanted him in one scene (my tear glands broke)!! Please read the story, highly recommended
Omg the female lead, she is so weak, has no opinion of her own, is being controlled left and right by others!! She just has no self confidence whatsoever!! The storyline just jumps from one thing to another!! I slightly liked the story, if u wnt to try a love story with a weak willed female lead go for it
The flow of the story is really bad. I dont understand what happened, the story jumps from one scene to another! The only saving grace is the art!! If u want to read it try it!! Its your choice
I dont know what to say. First of all, the story was all over the place!! There was no real continuous flow to the story or characters!!! What was the secret of the groom (only gods knows) since it was not clear why the groom left the bride (main female character)! The story made me confused!! Personally i dont recommend it!! Read at on your own risk!! I gave it two stars because of the art!
Great story, great art and characters!!! Loved the storyline alot!!! The chemistry between the mcs is off the hook!!! If you are a shakespare fan and love lawyers vs lawyers story this harlequin manga is a right fit for you!!!! Such a great feel good story
The story was nice, until the ending it just makes you feel 'what did really happen here?' !!! The story just jumped from one thing to another!! There was no depth and the characters felt alittle misleading!!! If u want to read something to make yome fly try it!!! U might enjoy it
Beautiful story!! I wish i would look like her within six weeks of diet and exercise!! U need determination and courage to face the real you!!! Try reading the story and understanding where real beauty lies
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