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Cute story!!! very straightforward story-line! I loved it, no so much drama!!! just love and affection for one another!!!
Beautiful story, characters and art!! Wow just wow what a beautiful written story!!! The characters are so life like, I think any celebrity who lives in Hollywood or is famous might relate to the characters in the story! It just shows you how much people in real life are shallow and just believe media without considering to know the actual real person behind the pictures! Celebrities and famous people try to portray the image fans or society think they really are, however sometimes expectations are not real!!! That just shows how real life is! "Sex, lies and security tape" exactly explains this phenomenom and tries to show it in a very life like way! The characters are strong, sexy, charitable, and evolving! You well go through a mixture of feelings and will empathize with what celebrities actually live day to day to be famous and always known to the world! I really really loved the story and i know you well too !!!!
Amazing storyline, characters and drawing!!! Loved how the storyline flowed! It was like watching "Medium" series! The MC female has a trauma then later wakes up in the hospital bandaged and realises she has an incredible power that can help people! She uses her power to save a kidnapped girl! Her boyfriend is every womens dream, caring, handsome and loveable! Just read the story and you will fall inlove with characters and storyline! It is a drama in play!! I highly recommend it
I just want to say this women women women out there when your partner cheats on you, or you think that he is cheating on you what do women become!!!!!!! Read this story and see for yourself how women react!!! It was hilarious, sweet and very very cute!
Such a funny and cute well-rounded story! Total opposites swap lives, get attracted, then....... you should read it to know what will happen! The art, storyline and characters are just prefectly fit together! I highly recommend you ro read it
Such a cute and funny story! Loved it alot! Okay this story is all about coincidence! they were fated to be together! What chemistry Fergus and Veronica had! They met by accident on the train and suddenly they decided on a business-like oral contract where they will both act like a romantic couple to stop their nagging families! The whole situation was hilarious! I really loved it especially the great aunt (you know what I mean when you read the story)! I highly recommend it for someone who wants a lighthearted story! btw the art is abit shougo-ish! :) I hope you enjoy it
This story is just so beautiful! I think almost all women who will read this story will think the same I WISH THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ME AND WHY COULD I NOT FIND A PERSON LIKE THAT FOR ME! Believe me this story is wonderful and paced beautifully! Isabella and Theron what a couple of blasting chemistry! Isabella loved Theron for the longest time! she changed herself to be a feisty and ballsy girl to capture him! Theron what a gentleman true to his words and actions! He is very pure and down to earth man! I really mean it! What a story, art and chemistry! I highly recommend it for someone who wants to dream a beautiful one! hope you enjoy it :)
Loved it alot! The storyline had a very real life feeling to it (exclude the royal business)! The main characters chemistry was strong! For me I loved the most were the girls and cat (you will know what i mean when u read it yourself)! I recommend it for anyone who wants to read about a divorcee/single mother who will marry a royal prince! I hope u enjoy it
Amazing, amazing JUST AMAZING STORY! The art, storyline and characters! I felt a whirlwind of emotions! This story is soo close to real life! not your typical harlequin story! Matt what a character he fell inlove at first sight to his wife Peta. Peta is not your typical character, she is down to earth and a hurt woman who is struggling to live. Peta is very close to a real life woman who just got out of a bad relationship. Matt a handsome and dotting son to his own mother. Wanting to marry to have children, he found Peta and found his answer right away. I loved this story alot! I highly recommend it to someone who is looking for a real life storyline. Hope you enjoy it as much I did. :)
My Darling The Wild Noble manga is a series of 3 stories. The first one is a love story between two cousins. The second one is about two random people accidentally living in the same apartment, then love arises. The third story is about a stuntman and a nurse in training. All the stories were adorable and cute, however very short. Almost all endings of the story had love scenes (not that intense). If you want to read something lighthearted and a change of pace I recommend you these short stories. I enjoyed them alot.
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