Noofar's Reviews & Ratings

It is a very cute story! it started off well-paced, in the middle abit of struggles however it had a rushed ending! The main couple a forgotten princess and a handsome prince what a chemistry they have! The country Verona you think it has a peaceful history but they had struggles of their own like any other real country! I liked Izzy's character strong and reliable not your everyday cliche princess (ie she worked as a mechanic). The prince Niko what a character charismatic, loyal to his country (rarely you can find this character nowadays) and handsome. I love both of them and I know you well love them as well. It is not your typical love story! a strong-willed princess and a loyal prince! I recommend you to read it and find out for yourself :) I hope you enjoy Expecting Royal Twins (the title doesn't illustrate the story at all).
A very beautiful story. The main characters chemistry was amazing. My first impressions of the Kincaid family were that they were cold-hearted and emotionless BUT (ie thats a big but) I was so wrong with this impression! You have to read it to find out! Amazing art, storyline, characters and emotions. I loved how the author really made a great story of a very cliche genre! I highly recommend it! truly amazing (but teared away through some parts) :)
Great storyline, art, and everything about The Passion Price. Its great to see a well rounded story that starts off a bit sad then ends happily. You should try reading it, you will go through a whirlwind of emotions. I highly recommend it! I hope you enjoy The Passion Price :)
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