Amaranth's Reviews & Ratings

Round 3 I guess. I'm hoping for more
One of my Absolute faves !!! I'm so excited to support this Mangaka
Cute!! Want more
This was great! I really hate seeing the reviews about this being a poor portrayal of mental illness. Because a LOT of people suffer from mental or emotional issues and DON'T get professional help or are unable to do so. Everyone deals differently with emotional trauma, social anxiety, depression and the list goes on. I'm sure there will be more to come but if not this was a snippet in the life of these 2 imperfect characters.Also It's just a story, they are young, VERY young. Do you know how much it takes to ask for help or to even recognize that you need it? It can be almost impossible, plus they are experiencing strong feelings for each other which can complicate things even more. Could their relationship be considered dysfunctional? Yes, of course but even people with mental illnesses or extreme personality disorders experience love and desire same as everyone else. Anyway judge for yourself. Be aware of the title this is a TRIGGER WARNING story.
One of the best I've ever read! Yes super Trigger Warning! But I love the struggle these guys go through.
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