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Cute, they should have kept the story with the twins going instead of adding a different story but nice.
Waste of tickets....the pace was a bit fast the sex scenes were sirously lacking and lame....I really want my tickets back
This was terrible and out of all that happened she was so pathetic she didn't try at all to be a better ceo to learn anything, to become a stronger person. And then she's just like I'll be with you to.the guy at the end?! I just can't!
Very weak plot the girls feelings seemed weak for the guy idk not great.
In short this was terrible, it could have been good but it wasn't.
I like this it's interesting and the girl isn't a complete idiot.
I like the art, the leading lady is a bit stupidly nice but over all pretty sexy.
It wasn't what i thought it would be. If was choppy and rushed
It could have turned out well but it was way to rushed and her running off with the other guy just like that was supper unrealistic , even for these kindof mangas.
It's starts of interesting, but it's pretty predictable and boring in the end.
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