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I love this. The art isn't top-notch, but I don't mind at all. I like the humor in this. It's steamy enough and the characters are great. The heroine Haruko is a little immature, but not flaky/silly. She's cute, but relateable. She's a good friend, and I really like her conscious positivity and awareness of her own shortcomings. The male protag Zenji is my jam. He's diligent, intelligent, forthright, respectful, and resolute with a strong desire to please the heroine in all sorts of ways and a ridiculous six pack to boot. In other words, he's pretty much perfect and I ain't mad at it. As fun as it sometimes is to read stories about byronic womanizers and churlish, woman weary misanthropes transforming into loving, tender, devoted, fantasy bf/husband material, I really dig it when an author just goes there and gives me a guy like Zenji who's only significant flaws are that he doesn't exist and isn't my man.
The MC is ridiculous. She's straight up stalking the male lead. Kyosuke isn't cold as the summary describes him. If anything he's too nice because Mika is a total nut. This one is actually pretty amusing. I can't say I find it romantic. I mean she actually 'accidently' breaks into his house twice, but this is entertaining. The art is really good when it comes to the characters. I did get a little lost with some of the panels, but the characters are all really pretty, especially the guys. Even the groper whose face you don't really see isn't gross looking. I appreciate that. I hate it when they put gross men in stories for women. Anyway, the story does it's best to portray Mika as a harmless stalker with a heart of gold. It works for comedy in fiction, but part of me just can't ignore the implicatons of that kind of behavior irl. Well if you don't take this too seriously you should be able to enjoy it.
Instead of the typical mean and forceful CEO or moneybags heir this male lead is ostensibly just a regular albeit insatiable working-class guy. He's not buying the MC or sexually harassing her on the job as the rich guys do, and he actually acts like a husband should, besides his sadistic desire to make his stuffed shirt wife lose control sexually. The MC is competent and accomplished professionally, but a novice socially and romantically. This author's heroines have only experienced horrible sex until they meet the male leads. It's not Pulitzer material. The plot and character development are unexceptional. The art is its true Achilles heel. At times it seems deliberately poor as a stylistic choice or form of censorship. But if you're just looking for a non-challenging smutty read to kill time this works. It still manages to be pretty sexy despite the poor artwork. This is really more of a 3 star because of the art, but I'm giving it a 5 because the 2.3 cumulative rating is too low.
A stern, prudish butler in glasses?! Yeah, this one ticks off quite a few boxes for me. Takumi just the way I like 'em. Just the right mixture of straight-laced and sexy and Ena is really cute. I like how this author is always subtly messing with gender dynamics, and stereotypes in their stories. Instead of always going with the typical pairing of the powerful, sexually aggressive alpha guy and submissive ingenue that's so common in romance comics, they cast herbivores, cheerful idealists, prudish workaholics, and otomen as leading men with MCs that are talented, ambitious, or independent and sexually assertive. Not that the alpha/ingenue thing isn't fun sometimes, but it's nice to get some change up here and there.
This is great! These two are so adorable and funny. There's nothing to dislike about this. The art, pacing, comedy, and chemistry of the couple are all top notch. This is just lots of fun, and hot too.
Chise acts almost like a beloved, yet bratty sibling to Mahoko, frequently provoking her and testing her patience. It's pretty obvious that Chise's world revolves around Mahoko, but he's always taking lots of minor and not so minor liberties with her because she's his bff and he knows she'll eventually give in and indulge or forgive the aggravating things he does. That whole dynamic that is easy to relate to if you've ever had that type of relationship, romantic or otherwise. There are some past issues between them that it seems will soon be coming to a head and need to be resolved for the two to stay close and get even closer to each other. It's been a fun read with believable characters so far. I'm really looking forward to learning the truth behind Chise's past actions and what will happen next for these two.
I kind of misunderstood the summary. I thought the MC was dominating her coworkers by being a demanding superior. I didn't realize it meant literal sexual domination. The opening scenes with the sexy megane kinda killed this one for me. I wanted to stay with him. That short bit was so hot. By the time it introduced the actual male lead I couldn't have cared less about what went on between him and the MC. There are so many stories where the heroine is overwhelmed by some seemingly mild-mannered dude who turns out to be sexually aggressive. It would be great to see more stories that flipped the script the way this started in the beginning, but with a committed relationship, not multiple random guys in the office. Anyway, I'm not into women in bondage, so this didn't really do much for me, but I'm sure a lot of Renta readers will love this, nice art and all. The characters are kind of standard.
Yucky male protag. He treats women like they're disposable. As others have noted their first encounter was noncon which isn't rare in these stories, but it feels especially distasteful because her drink was spiked and he was supposed to be saving her from another would be molester. He's a bully, and appallingly obvious in faking his kindness to manipulate her. He's not like a tsundere or 'cool' guy who acts mean or feigns indifference but are shown to genuinely care when they let their walls down. Any turn around this guy has is gonna feel super contrived. If you dislike noncon, disingenuous d-bags, or womanizers you won't like this. The pacing is poor, the art is nice but nothing special, and the racy scenes feel rushed, so even if you don't mind the other stuff you still might not care for this.
Nah, this is some NTR mess, and the MC is seriously trading down. She's got a guy who loves her and is doing everything to support her, but starts sleeping with some gross, pervert clown who frequents call girls and mistook her for one to apologize. There's nothing romantic or sexy about the setup. The art is alright, and if you're just looking for good smut scenes this one will do, but I doubt many will like this if they want an MC they can respect and a likeable male lead.
The reviews kept me away, but I realized the 1st chapter is free. 10 chapters in, I don't get all the haterade. The art is nice. The MCs have realistic slow burn chemistry. Ryou is professional at his job. As a host, he drinks what his clients order for him to please them. Drinking makes him frisky, but he's not a womanizer and doesn't sleep with clients. He's the blunt, 'cool' type, but he's gentle and frequently shows consideration for the MC's well being as a sexual partner, and colleague. He doesn't tease the MC a lot and isn't cruel, so I haven't seen any extreme sadism or abuse. He does jealously say something out of line once but quickly regrets it and apologizes in his own way. Tomomi is keen and capable, not weak-willed or shallow. She's just determined to send home as much money as she can, so accepting a "friends with benefits" relationship to avoid decreasing that amount is reasonable to her, plus he's attractive and good at it, so she feels awkward but doesn't hate it.
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