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The real MVP is Kyosuke. He is my favorite. Though Mako and Arata's relationship development was nice too.
That was unfair. I want to know how Cain is going to react.
I have a soft spot for Toru. And the stupid Asagi guy comes and causes trouble.
Why do I feel like Shoma is going to be all secret ninja like while they are on this mission.
That last story was very 50 shades of Grey.
Shingo is the best character and no one can tell me otherwise.
Cute and such real life relationship. Thank you for a good one.
This story is so good. I get where Sahara is coming from but he needs to grow some balls and ask her to marry him already.
Loved this story. I loved how he was always looking at her. From the beginning to the end. The trap was really dirty and unfair. And Sammy was just soooooo adorable.
When purchasing a harlequin book I always look at the cover and summary. If the cover and summary don't interest me I will pass on the book. This as one caught me with just the cover. As I read the first few pages, I was not disappointed. All of the characters were beautifully drawn which made this book worth it. And the story line kept me hooked. Well, done.
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