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Loved this! I want more from the author please!! It was worth the money.
I have read this many times. I like it and yes the ending is a bit rushed.I wanted more.
I don't get what the other person who reviewed is talking about. I don't get a racism feel to the first story I believe they said *shrug* I enjoyed it. *shrug*
This story is hilarious. Well, I think it is. I couldn't help laughing. It also seemed ridiculous. It was fun to read again though :)
I really liked this. The story idea was great. The only downside I guess you would call it is that it is too short!
This is one of my favorites. I highly recommend it! I re-read it a lot.
okay wow. For a moment I thought things were going to end badly....I know I know...an HQ that ends badly??!?! lol But yay it didn't! It's a good read with lovely art.
Oh my goodness!! I loved this story!! Luke had a hard childhood, but he overcame it and was able to well just read it! lol and I really liked Sara. It was such a good story! I recommend it!
wow what a surprise :) I liked this. I wanted more thought, too ;)
I think my only issue is the idea that "oh how horrible it would be if I died a virgin." uh? erm okay. I have NEVER thought that. Never. lol but okay...*rolls eyes* Other than that, this was a nice story.
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