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This is very sad and emotional, it's about two best friends fighting because an accident happens and misunderstandings cause a rift in their friendship. I really loved the story, I was so happy they finally reconciled but I felt the author rushed the ending and unfortunately gave us no relief after everything happened. A small kiss, and absolutely no sweet love to make up for so much sadness. I feel this could have had a better ending.
I started reading this by buying the first chapter and while the story is super cute and the brothers have crazy and fun personalities...I just can't justify the later chapters because the 1st chapter was only 3 tickets for SEVENTY pages. You get to the second chapter and it's 2 tickets for 20 something pages. The chapters change in pages each time. Severely unfair.
You have GOT to read this if you're a yaoi fan! The relationship between Akiyoshi and Jun start off kinda rocky and emotional at first but you eventually find out there is real love behind it all. The emotions are just SO DANG cute and you wanna hug Jun to death he's so dang adorable! I absolutely love how far this story has gone of him as a yaoi manga artist and the difficulties he faces in life. Seriously guys, the art is freaking sexy/cute/ADORABLE and the sex is sooooo hot! Why are you not reading this yet!?
Okay at first I wasn't sure about this one, but the art was so adorable that I just had to buy a chapter...or two haha. This story is just massively cute. Naohito thinks that old age apparently shuts him out for deserving of love, but when young spritely Tohru shows up he has second thoughts! This couple os beyond adorable, I just love the facial expressions this manga-ka uses for their characters. The story is cute, funny and holy heck sexy! The sex between these two is sooo hot and steamy
I'm not quite sure what to think of this yet, it's blackmail to the highest degree and he is evil as all heck. But daaaaaang, this is pretty hot! I really want to see where this goes!
I was kind of liking the characters at first, but the storyline just isn't my cup of tea and neither is the art. Some people will like this and be able to finish it...I'm just not one of those people.
This story is absolutely sweet but terrifyingly real in emotion. I feel for Yuzuru because I used to be exactly like him, not letting anyone get into my heart. This is a story about Yuzuru coming to terms with the fact he loves Asahi, when he's always been putting people at arms length away. It's an important lesson. You don't know know what you've got till it's gone. This is a fantastic read, and the sex is super good even though it's not extremely detailed. It leaves you filling out the rest with your imagination. Most definitely worth the read.
This story is unbearably cute so far! I hate that the chapters are so short but it's most definitely worth the one ticket! I can't wait till the next chapter comes out, this is a sweet romantic kind of story here. =)
I wanted to give this a shot, but man...it's really dark. I was hoping they would find some leeway with each other and perhaps even have a threesome, but all that's happened so far is broken hearts, and manipulative relationships. To top it all off 3 childhood best friends/brothers are fighting so bad that they are considering each other an enemy. I really hope this story gets on a happier note (especially poor Akira) , we're at 5 chapters now and it's looking less and less likely. =(
This story has such a good beginning, poor Kana is acting like he's over caring about Mamoru since he said those hurtful things to him but Mamoru has finally realized he cares for Kana and just can't get through to him (and doesn't know how). This story is far from over, and I can't wait for more to finally come out! The art is absolutely beautiful, I love it. The emotions in this manga are just so real, and you really feel in tune with how each of them feel, how each of them are struggling to figure out what to do. The only downside are that the chapters are so short! (20-30 pages!) I do so hope that they update this soon! Definitely worth the read =)
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