Love Triangle.

author :

Hizuki Akiyoshi


"I love you, but you love him... and he... loves me!? What exactly will come of this unending love triangle...?" Since they were kids, Akira's been friends with the Kurokawa brothers. Despite knowing that his love for the older brother, Ryo, may go unrequited, he barges into Ryo's room to confess his love for him... only to realize that he has entered the room of the younger brother, Kazuki. "I've always loved you, too, Akira..." Kazuki responds, misunderstanding Akira's true intent. Unable to explain the truth, Akira decides to go out with Kazuki in secret. Noticing the two boys growing closer, Ryo begins acting strangely... After being questioned, Akira figures out what's going on when Ryo tells him, "I've always been in love with Kazuki."


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author :

Hizuki Akiyoshi

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Japanese :

Minna Kataomoi

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Love Triangle. (1)

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Love Triangle. (3)

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