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Masami Shinohara never disappoints. Her art is just so beautiful and the way she tried to represent the Middle East esthetics was gorgeous. That being said, the story is no different, there was no drama or exaggeration and the plot was just so smooth, the caracters slowly discover that their love for each other is nothing to be scared of as both of them have had a tough past. One of the few HQ desert themed stories that I find very well developed and peacefully done.
This was truly beautiful.
This was sooo worth the money! I loved every bit of it. From the story line to the artwork, everything was just so good. The way the story builds up, not too rushed and just very smooth. I absolutely loved the ending and I could really feel for the female lead. I HIGHLY recommend it!
I HIGHLY recommend this one! I actually read the whole trilogy but this last novel was full of emotions my heart actually skipped a beat. It's definitely one of the best clichés I've read from the Harlequin series!
I'm gonna give this one five stars because of 3 things :First, the story line is reaaally well developed and I like how every chapter has its own suspense and excitement at the end.Second, because of how cute the art is.And finally, because of how HAWT the main character is!! Seriously if you love a good feudal era romance you're gonna love this one.
I really like the story development on this one. The characters portray such a sweet relationship.
Good story, wish it had a longer development
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