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I really liked this story. The art style is more angular, it's got that Junjou Romantica art style. The text is sometimes weird, but the story is hilarious. It's fast-paced (relatively) but still has enough of a plot to be interesting... actually, now that I think of it, it's very similar to Junjou Romantica...lol.
This was suuuuuuper cute!! Omg, you'll love it! Fluffy 85%, smexy 15%. The characters are great and I love the girl, Tsubasa. Plot is good, art is good, overall, fantastic! ??????
Okay, here's my only complaint: I feel like we either needed a whole series or, we need a sequel. The story was really good: reconnecting, lost love, correcting past mistakes, etc. but we didn't really get to see them grow TOGETHER. I think that the author could have really flushed out the story more and made it more complicated but enjoyable if they didn't focus ONLY on getting back together. I would have loved to see the difficulties they faced as a new adult couple and how Kohei eventually is able to trust Toru again. THAT storyline would have bumped my score up to a 5, but it's a 4 because I feel like we could have gotten so much more. I really want to read about their continuing relationship.
I had to write a review. This is such a great manga because we don't usually get the “tall girl” as a main protagonist. And honestly, they have just as many difficulties as anyone else. I loved that perspective. I'm used to Yaoi and BL manga where the Seme might dress up and be taller, but it was refreshing that it was an actual girl for once. Lol. Super sweet and still sexy, with realistic concerns and reactions to things. 11/10!
Okay, I admit, my usual read is Yaoi and BL, but I was looking at the discount section and ran across this manga and...let me tell you, I was fully invested after a few pages. This manga is SO sweet, and honestly, adorable. But there is definitely smexy time, so it's a perfect combination. I love how Shiki really loves and respects Hana and lets her set the pace for their intimacy. Great read, 11/10 would recommend.
I really like this one a lot. I've reread it about 3 times, and it's super cute. It's fluffy and adorable, not too angsty, which I prefer. There's definitely the smexy time, so you get a good amount of both, but not overly excessive. Also, you really get your money's worth - there are several stories, which I appreciate. I highly suggest it. 10/10! ^_^
I don't write reviews often, but I highly recommend this one for anyone. It's absolutely adorable and I've reread about six times now. It's a favorite that I keep coming back to. The characters are very likable, and the plot is really heartwarming. It's fluffy and cute and you won't be able to put it down. I give it 11/10! ^_^
So here's the thing: Because of the title, I was expecting this to be a coming of age/out sort of story, of a guy who gets in an awkward situation and has to figure out what he really wants and it would be romantic, a little angsty and deep...this is NOT that. Not to say it's bad, but I would describe this as a sweet, slice of life, fluffy romance with a triple helping of sex. There is so much sex, I was honestly surprised. There is no real plot until #7-8, and even then it's brief. But, it's otherwise good, just don't expect anything deep whatsoever and you'll enjoy it.
Okay, I don't normally write reviews, and I technically haven't finished it yet, but this manga is really good! Every character is well thought-out and quirky in the perfect way. I have to say, if you like doting, hilariously protective uncles and awesome cousins who would do anything for you, then you'll love this. I think the Aunt and Uncle are the best. The great-grandmother is hilarious and so relatable, and Tatsuomi is such a great character. The main couple is cute, but the other characters give you a really wholesome feeling. I highly recommend this manga!
It was super cute. Very fluffy and still sexy. Love the characters; it's a good light-hearted read and I highly recommend it.
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