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I only write reviews when I really like something. This is going on my list of favorites and rereads. It's so sugary sweet I have cavities. But, it's also really smexy so you get the whole kit and kaboodle. Honestly, everyone should read this. Wholesome, heartwarming, amazing communication, consent, the desire to grow with the person, the desire to make them happy...Truly a masterpiece.
So...I went into this thinking it would be like, they both end up with the brother. I also expected it to be more light-hearted, but boy was I wrong. This was very confusing and honestly it took me a while to even remotely like it. But I did finish to see if it got better... It didn't.
...um...what? How is that an ending?!? I'm upset now that I wasted time and money on this. It was cute, but the ending was horrible. It just ended. We don't get too see them develop or have any actual relationship. There's nothing. This is ridiculous. Don't read this - you won't be satisfied at all.
I loved this. I'll admit, it was mostly fluff with a tiny bit of spice here and there, but it was sweet. Lol. Like the title says. Worth the read, and honestly I'd like a story about the best friend next.
This. Totally worth all your points. 11/10 highly recommend. It's cute, the story is beautiful, and the smexy is just perfect. You won't regret buying this one.
Legit adorable. Ridiculously adorable. I like the fact that there wasn't to much angst and it was mostly fluff and spice. Great characters, adorable relationship, and actually pretty wholesome. ??
I don't know why anyone wouldn't give this five stars. I loved it. Sure, it happened a bit fast, but given the situation, it didn't bother me. I was curious about why he dated when he was so in love with the MC, and I wish there was a side story where they meet his ex again now that his hair is short. That would have been fun. But yeah, a good one, and spicy to boot.
You know what? I liked it. I read so the reviews for a long time and kept putting it off, but I am glad I didn't listen to the bad reviews this time. It is a little bit messy, I tend to like cleaner cut manga so I don't have to search for stuff on the page, but it was not too bad that it detracted from enjoying the plot. I can understand how some people get confused about some of the flashback scenes, but if you are paying attention, it's not confusing. I liked both stories okay, but by far liked the second couple more. Which is ironic. Usually it would be the opposite, but I did not like the dynamic of the first couple. Personal preference. Overall, I would recommend this one.
This was perfect. Cute, funny, adorable, sexy, wholesome - the entire package. Loved the art, the characters, the plot, everything. Worth every cent paid. ??
So I'm giving this 3 stars because the story I came for was basically unfinished. I wanted the brother story but nothing actually happens except in the older brother's imagination. I was severely disappointed because they don't finish the main story. At all. It was so dissatisfying. The second story was good but I didn't come for that one, I purchased it for the brother story. I want my points back.
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