Sweet Pain

author :

Kanako Sakurai


Kano has a major crush on Keisuke Morita, a total playboy who always seems to be with a different woman. While she still has deep feelings for him, Kano allows Keisuke to have sex with her, but then finds out that he's being transferred to New York. There isn't much time left for them to be together...... "No matter what our relationship is, I still want to be with him!" With that thought in mind, Kano allows herself to become Keisuke's sex toy until he has to leave. "Don't look at any other women... I want you to only love me......!" Every time they have sex, Kano becomes more unable to hide her true feelings for Keisuke, so she decides to break up with him......


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author :

Kanako Sakurai

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Japanese :

Sweet Pain Amai Itami

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Sweet Pain

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Pages: 179

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July 12, 2019 (JST)
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