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atvgrl0305 Rating
This one is pretty good. Lovey dovey with lots of sexy scenes in it. The second to the last story needed a better ending, but other than that the stories were all pretty great.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Really not my favorite out of all her work. The women are portrayed as really weak to their men and feelings, more than usual. Got old really fast. I can get behind some angst and longing for the one you love, but when the woman totally loses all sense of who they are and falls to pieces when their man leaves them (especially when they've only been together for a brief time) or shows little to no interest. Maybe it's cause I'm more of an alpha woman myself, but that just doesn't fly with me. This is an older piece, you can tell by the art, so it's pretty, but not very detailed or clean. It's good, but in my opioion not her best. Still entertaining and there are feel good moments, especially the last story.
CieL Rating
Nice! Love it! Some short unrelated nice stories. Like the draw, although in some part it get a bit messy, but still ok overall. All provide yummy sex scene, good story and heart throbbing, not to dramatic. Feels good to buy this set
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