Gettin' Hot 'n' Steamy to Get a Hot Story

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Hiding out in a dark car, from kiss to caress to climax...... In order to fool our target, we have to play the part of lovers......!? Working as a reporter for a magazine is great, but it's not so good when I can't get a scoop...... The order comes from the exasperated editor-in-chief: team up with, and learn from, the brilliant (but perverted) Daisuke Kondo, or be fired. The minute we're alone on a nerve-racking stakeout... he suddenly kisses me! Saying boldly, "You'll be fired if you get in my way, right?" he goes right for my sweet spot, bringing me to a gushing climax on company time......!


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Scoop Kisha no Ecchi na Oshigoto

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Gettin' Hot 'n' Steamy to Get a Hot Story (1)

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Gettin' Hot 'n' Steamy to Get a Hot Story (2)

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