User Reviews For: Gettin' Hot 'n' Steamy to Get a Hot Story


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sasaraRH Rating
Its a good story, i wont say cute as there are quite a few aspects that can be offputting- especially since its kinda going into the sexually dark underground of the industry. Its the type of read you have to be pretty open to as there is some non-consensual moves, cheating, and as stated leaks to the sexual underground of the industry. Im putting a huge beware for readers as it can certainly make some uncomfortable. However it's still a good read imo, and i liked reading it. I was hoping it be longer as i enjoyed the plot, storyline, character development & art immensely. Plus yhe ML and FL are really cute together. So I recommend it, but just beware.
RaisaKarim Rating
Nice manga. I like the story and the art.
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