[Bundle] Academic Heroine Selection vol.4

This bundle contains :"THE SEDUCTION PROJECT","THE GREEK'S CONVENIENT MISTRESS" and"Possessed by the Sheikh".
Molly has had feelings for her childhood best friend, Liam Delaney, for the longest time. And now that he and his girlfriend are on the rocks, Molly thought it would be her chance to finally make her feelings known. What better way to make herself the kind of girl her guy wants than to ask him himself? To make sure Liam doesn't find out her true intentions, she tells him she's interested in someone she refers to as Mr. X. When Molly starts to show a whole new side of herself, Liam can't help but be protective of her. This isn't exactly the kind of reaction Molly wanted. Will she succeed in getting her childhood love to look at her the way she always wanted?


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[Bundle] Academic Heroine Selection vol.4

Pages: 418
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artist : Sara NakayamaTomoko SatoYoko Hanabusa original novel : Miranda LeeAnnie WestPenny Jordan Publisher : Harlequin

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