[Bundle] Housekeeper Heroine Selection vol.3

This bundle contains : The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress, LOVE CAN WAIT, and Bedded by Blackmail.
Ethan Cartwright built an enormous fortune as a famous financial adviser. He is frequently shown in the media surrounded by countless beauties. Daisy, who works for a PR agency, sees Ethan at a party attended by celebrities from a variety of industries. While Ethan is quite sought after by social climbers, to Daisy, who is currently grappling with finacial debt, his very existence is infuriating. Ethan misunderstands her gaze, and purposely angers Daisy's supervisor, who fires her on the spot. Now her only employment option is to be his temporary mistress!


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[Bundle] Housekeeper Heroine Selection vol.3

Pages: 385
Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Rin NatsumiMami IshikawaJunko Okada original novel : Emma DarcyBetty NeelsRobyn Grady Publisher : Harlequin

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