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kleepart Rating
This is a great manga!!! The art is awesome, the story is great, the characters are funny. It's very unique as well. So happy it's on here.
genief0x Rating
Nice art and consensual relations make this a good read. However, the mental instability of the MC and along with the whole gun thing brought down my ability to fully enjoy this as much as I would've liked.If you have any triggers related to guns, suicide, or threats of homicide by gun, I recommend to not read this. Other than that, it's a decent read with more than a fair share of consensual smut and relationship drama.
damienazure Rating
I wish I had read the reviews first. As other reviewers have noted, this manga deals with mental instability and domestic violence, and it does it very poorly. The plot development in later arcs falls flat and there's a heavy reliance on smut to fix the holes in the storyline. I was really excited for the happy-go-lucky slice-of-life gay relationship that the description suggested, and the first chapter felt like that description would be delivered on. Having ready the entire series, I regret purchasing this title. It is not a happy-go-lucky slice-of-life. It's an underwhelming tragedy.
belovedless Rating
This was definitely a sexy story with a lot of angst. Those are things I usually like, but it made this plot feel kind of unrelatable and unbelievable. It would have been nice if there had been some actual character and relationship development more than sex and arguing.
Amaranth Rating
This was great! I really hate seeing the reviews about this being a poor portrayal of mental illness. Because a LOT of people suffer from mental or emotional issues and DON'T get professional help or are unable to do so. Everyone deals differently with emotional trauma, social anxiety, depression and the list goes on. I'm sure there will be more to come but if not this was a snippet in the life of these 2 imperfect characters.Also It's just a story, they are young, VERY young. Do you know how much it takes to ask for help or to even recognize that you need it? It can be almost impossible, plus they are experiencing strong feelings for each other which can complicate things even more. Could their relationship be considered dysfunctional? Yes, of course but even people with mental illnesses or extreme personality disorders experience love and desire same as everyone else. Anyway judge for yourself. Be aware of the title this is a TRIGGER WARNING story.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Holy frick, this was insane. Totally different from any yaoi manga I've ever read. Definitely intense and crazy-as-a-cat-lady-crazy, but so emotional and smutty. One of those stories that'll leave you wide eyed, wowza.
CadetJune Rating
I'm actually so conflicted about this one, like hmm, I really don't even know... just watch and read closely?..
imafoxheathen Rating
I love the characters dynamics, it's such a fun read!
fairytaildoll Rating
The art is beautiful and I enjoyed the story but I didn't like the parts with the gun it ruined it a little for me
HoneyLavenderTea Rating
Overall an enjoyable read but Cole needs his gun privileges revoked.
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