User Reviews For: Love Me Even in Your Dreams -I'll Be Watching You-


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kveroco Rating
Cute, but super short. Still a rather sweet story with an interesting concept.
marymw356 Rating
I really liked this story. I think that it is a little short. That's because its good and I'm curious to how they go on from there.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
The art is so pretty and cute, super dreamy. Onodera and Ayano are college classmates that run in very different social circles. Where Onodera is cool, smart, popular and pretty much the most-likely to succeed type of hero, Ayano is quiet, sweet, shy and has a one sided crush on him. Ayano has this ability to dream walk and finds herself in one of the dreams that Onodera always has and in there they become close confidants. Unfortunately, come morning only Ayano remembers their encounters, much to her dismay. This story is so cute. I really liked both characters, just wish we could have gotten more...of everything! More of his life, more of hers, their friends and more of their HEA. It's so good and then it's over way too fast. I'd usually remove a star for the length of the story not being satisfying enough, but it's really good. If only there was a sequel for this story. But this is definitely a feel good story with a cute romance.
JenFaust81 Rating
I really liked this. The story idea was great. The only downside I guess you would call it is that it is too short!
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