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Risuna Rating
I wish I could give this more than 5 stars~! It's a fantastic read, it had me smiling & laughing at every page. The art style is amazing, I love the facial expressions, the word choice, I love everything about this book~! I'm so happy I read it~!For reference, I did not read Negative & do not plan to.
MioAkiyama Rating
I could not stop laughing at the professor and assistant story. I can't believe that the complexity between this two can be so hilarious. I wish i could rate it higher. Please do buy this and read it somewhere no one can see it. Tons of tentacle play in this one !
RazielRedX Rating
This is an excellent collection of stories. Personally I found the Space Tentacles series to be the best. The professor and assistant make for a hilarious and strangely adorable pair. I would love to see more stories with them and their shenanigans.
Ozzy Rating
I'm a fan of Harada so this certainly didn't dissappoint
Lesbianfujoshi19 Rating
I have been a huge fan of harada sensei for a few years now and this volume is a favorite of mine. If you like twisted, sexy, hilariously ridiculous stories then I recommend.
legallybling Rating
Love this anthology! Exhilaratingly fresh and funny, it's a good blend of feel-good BL story with a shocking twist. My favorite story is the "Perverse love: star-crossed love", it's SO FUNNY and yet, so sweet in that unique Harada-sensei way.
julie135 Rating
The art work is beautiful and the storyline is amazing as well.
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