One-Sided Sentimental Sensations

author :

Katsura Kojima


Totsuka is a straight guy, working on a university campus and cursed with a long history of unrequited love interests. He really wants to be able to call someone his own, but every time he tries, it never seems to work out. Of course, as fate would have it, the one person who seems to be into him is a male student, Nari, who showers Totsuka with sweet nothings like "You're totally my type" and "You should pick me, Totsuka." One day, Nari stops showing up to college, and Totsuka can't help but worry about him. One thing leads to another, and Totsuka finds himself going to Nari's place hammered... and passionately kissing him. With Totsuka unable to control himself under Nari's intoxicating sensuality and Nari smoothly leading him in the bedroom... How will this one night between an office worker with absolutely no game and a gay playboy student end...!?


Yaoi_MangaBusinessmenCollegeLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Katsura Kojima

publisher :

ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Ippou Tsuukou Renai Taishitsu

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One-Sided Sentimental Sensations (1)

Pages: 32

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One-Sided Sentimental Sensations (3)

Pages: 36

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