The Santorini Bride Greek Tycoons

Martha was betrayed by her boyfriend, so she's taken a trip to her ancestral home, an island in the Aegean Sea. She was planning to heal her broken heart in her family home, which was supposed to be vacant, but a pirate-like man named Theo has gotten his hands on this home so full of memories without her even knowing about it. Martha is fascinated by his charm, but he orders her to leave. She used up all her money on the flight there and she has nowhere to go, leaving her at a loss. But when some women show up and pursue Theo, he suddenly proclaims that Martha is his girlfriend and pulls her into a rough kiss. What is going on here?


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The Santorini Bride Greek Tycoons

Pages: 129

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artist : Harumi Benisako original novel : Anne Mcallister Publisher : Harlequin Series : Greek Tycoons

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