How to Make Your Cross-Dressing Boss Cry Out [VertiComix]

author :

Kazusa Naruse


Kouno is a young man who has climbed his way up in the business world at a rapid pace. His silent manner and strict attitude towards work have not made him many friends in the office. Little do they know that he is gay and has a passion for cross-dressing. One night, while out in drag at his favorite bar, Kouno hears a voice that is all-too-familiar to him and when he turns around... it's his co-worker Morikawa! He knows he's been discovered and feeling shaken up he is pulled against his will into a hotel by Morikawa. There, the words that will change everything come out of the usually gentle Morikawa's mouth "So, what are you going to do for me?" Kouno doesn't know what to do as he his body heats up from Morikawa's forceful advances and he can't resist. In this senior x junior love story, it's the junior who's on top!
Now in vertical-scrolling,full-color VertiComix format!


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author :

Kazusa Naruse

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ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Josou Joushi no Nakase Kata

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October 12, 2018 (JST)
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