A Kiss with a Cat

author :

Miko Senri


Erina loves cats more than anything, even though she looks like the haughty-princess type who could have any guy she wants. But even with his cat-like name, she can't stand her aloof classmate, Nekoyama-kun. But when she rescues a hurt kitty in her yard and gives it a perfect, snuggly kiss...she suddenly finds a very human Nekoyama-kun in her room? What gives?!



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author :

Miko Senri

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Japanese :

Neko to Kiss

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A Kiss with a Cat 1

Pages: 160

A Kiss with a Cat 2

Pages: 162

A Kiss with a Cat 3

Pages: 169

A Kiss with a Cat 4

Pages: 162

A Kiss with a Cat 5

Pages: 162

A Kiss with a Cat 6

Pages: 164

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