Star-Crossed Paintbrushes [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Shogo became interested in painting at an early age thanks to his father, who owns an art gallery. Born into a family of artists, his older brother is a prodigy, and Shogo is often referred to as the "prodigy's younger brother." As a result, his love for painting begins to fade. Thinking a change of scenery would be for the best, Shogo's brother contacts a friend living on a small island and arranges for Shogo to move. There, he meets Ryosei, a boy with "hands blessed by god." Shocked by the overwhelming talent gap between them, Shogo makes a move, and Ryosei... This is a complicated yet pure romance brought to life by a paintbrush under the stars.
Includes two digital-only pages.

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Star-Crossed Paintbrushes (Part 2) [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Shogo and Ryosei's vague physical relationship continues. Shogo thinks being with Ryosei will end his painful loneliness. Only after falling for him does Shogo realize the truth. Both are asked to submit paintings to an art show in Tokyo.[170pages]
Pages: 170
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Star-Crossed Paintbrushes (Part 1) [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Shogo's father, who owns an art gallery, got him interested in painting at an early age. Known as the "prodigy's younger brother" in a family of artists, painting stopped being fun somewhere along the line.[171pages]
Pages: 171
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Naro Sakuragawa publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Hoshi ni Ochiru Enpitsu

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