The Divine Priestess's Carnal Destiny

It's Yuika's first time, and it's with the boy she loves... Except, he's possessed!? She never wanted her first time to be like this, but she can't help losing herself in the pleasure...! Yuika is secretly in love with her childhood friend, Takahiro. Everyone says she's destined to become a priestess at the family shrine, but Yuika refuses to accept her fate. Why? Because priestesses at this shrine have to sleep with strangers in order to exorcise lustful spirits. One fateful day, however, Takahiro is possessed by such a lustful spirit and Yuika agrees to become a priestess in order to save him... The lustful spirit relentlessly pleasures Yuika and she can't resist...!

[ Total vol 2 ]Completed

The Divine Priestess's Carnal Destiny (1)

Yuika keeps refusing to become a priestess at a shrine run by her family, but when the guy she likes gets possessed by a lustful spirit, her sister has to perform the exorcism by sleeping with him. Yuika can't have that...[55pages]
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The Divine Priestess's Carnal Destiny (2)

Now that Takahiro has become Yuika's partner, they investigate strange reports and exorcise lustful spirits together. But, who is this man from the past? Is he going to be Takahiro's rival!?[81pages]
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author : monpetit publisher : SCREAMO Sei Naru Miko no Icchau Oshigoto

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