Our Adorable Asahi

author :

Yuumi Imai


Pop idol Asahi is suddenly told that his agency's going bankrupt and that he no longer has a contract with them. As he's wandering the streets trying to get his life back on track, the person who saves him is veteran actor Akiomi Satake. After being invited over, Asahi starts living with Akiomi. Then, that night, while he's trying to sleep, Asahi notices that a guy's touching him. Even though he was half-hoping it was Akiomi, it turns out to be a handsome college student, Hayato, whom he's never met before...!! That's when Akiomi enters the room and the rest of the night is filled with shameful acts of love... Let this comedic love story about three guys living under the same roof begin!


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author :

Yuumi Imai

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Bokura no Kawaii Asahi-Kun

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Our Adorable Asahi (1)

Pages: 34

Our Adorable Asahi (2)

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