Love from the Core

Yomogi's Diner quietly operates at night. Male hosts who work in a nearby club go there after work. The diner is managed by Ichiro, a serious young man who can't be said to have good customer service. Ichiro finds the most popular host from the club, Seiichi, the hardest to deal with. He can't read the emotions on Seiichi's foolishly smiling face. Seiichi is someone who is strangely sharp, overly friendly, and yet offends him one way or another. But, when Seiichi compliments Ichiro's food, his image of the host changes completely...

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Love from the Core (1)

When Seiichi and the usual mob of noisy hosts show up at Ichiro's restaurant to get some late night dinner, he can't help but feel annoyed. But, when it comes to pride in your work, they may have more in common than he thought.[35pages]
Pages: 35
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Love from the Core (2)

Ichiro's lying ex-boyfriend can't seem to take no for an answer and forces his way into the restaurant uninvited. When Seiichi interrupts, Ichiro's ex starts lashing out at him, but Seiichi is more shocked by what Ichiro says next![34pages]
Pages: 34
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Love from the Core (3)

Ichiro goes to Seiichi's club to drop off something he'd left by accident. When Seiichi stops by later on to say thanks, a local train delay fills the restaurant to capacity. Things heat up in the kitchen as they grow closer by the day.[37pages]
Pages: 37
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Love from the Core (4)

The debt collectors show up to get repayment on the loan for Ichiro's restaurant, and things look dire. How far will Ichiro go to save the one thing his father left him? More importantly, how far will Seiichi go to stop him?[48pages]
Pages: 48
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Love from the Core (5)

Ichiro comforts Seiichi as he struggles with lack of self-worth and knowing his place in the world now that he's starting from scratch to find a new calling. The good news is, he may have already found it.[39pages]
Pages: 39
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author : Torime publisher : ShuCream POP Gozou Roppu no Koi

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September 13, 2018 (JST)
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